500 copywriting articles

So I haven’t written a post on here for a while.  Why’s that?  I’ve been a little busy.

In mid May, I dived (dove for US readers, dived for UK English) headlong into the deep end of copywriting.  It’s the art of writing almost literally anything to order.  We’re talking anything from SEO posts for a zillion different kinds of websites, first-person blogs for Olympic athletes, articles and press releases for small to huge companies – and anything and everything in between.

I was tallying up the numbers the other night and realised I’ve just sailed through the 500 mark.  Since May 18.  Now, I’m not great at maths, but 508 articles in 164 days is an average of just over 3 articles every single day – that’s 7 days of the week, by the way.

So if you need something written on any topic, you need a skilled and experienced copywriter – hint, hint…

editor@gmmf1.net / 0439 475 116


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