A couple of interesting jobs

Yesterday was so busy a day in the dp.com office that I’m only just getting around to writing about it.

Most of the time, a typical day of copywriting, proofreading and editing looks much like any other.  Briefs and documents come in, magic is worked upon them, clients say “cheers” and we move on.

But yesterday was a little different.  Most days, I learn something.  But yesterday I learned more about camel milk than I thought imaginable as I proofread a scientific journal report based on meticulous scientific research.  I’ve had similar jobs over the desk before, but some are just particularly memorable thanks to a cool combination of a genuinely interesting topic, a document format that challenges me, and insight into someone else’s specialty and passion.

The second job was also an urgent proofread – this one about teaching methods for kids from diverse backgrounds.  In total, 7000 words were proofread in just a few hours.

Got something you need an experienced writer to check is definitely ready for submission?  It’s been my business for 17 years and I can get it done within hours and for as little as $50.  Get in touch.

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