The daily holiday of copywriting

I just love copywriting, and I’m in the privileged position of now having lots and lots of regular clients who get me to do most of their stuff whenever they need.

My first job today was a piece explaining the benefits of beautiful teak for luxury outdoor furniture.  Did you know a lot of teak furniture is actually made out of sustainable, reclaimed wood that was once a grand ship?

Dutch exploring ships were made of teak.

Job # 2 was for an investment delegation company, explaining the pros and cons of the various options for investing your hard-earned cash.

And my final job was for a regular client that gets me to update their online content when necessary.  Today’s task was a re-write of the description for a beautiful 1 bedroom luxury villa in Seminyak, Bali – just like this one.

It’s not hard to gush about Balinese luxury.

Do you need me to write your copy for absolutely anything?  Get in touch today.

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