Writey, writey, writey…

It’s a good job copywriters regard their job as a special brand of fun.  Otherwise, helping businesses get the copy they need would seem like actual work.

Yesterday, a digital marketing agency asked me to write about the effectiveness of landing pages – those internet-ty places you ‘land’ on after clicking on an ad or a Google link.

And today, I crammed in 2 important copywriting tasks alongside my usual grind.  First (and don’t you dare snigger) I became an expert about stylish and practical dresses for beach weddings.  Because, yanno, good male copywriters know all about that sort of girly stuff.  Or, more accurately, we know how to find out how to know all about that sort of girly stuff.

Finally, with an hour to spare in the day, I finished with a job for a regular client – a specialist company in corporate intelligence.  Specifically, I was writing all about the exciting awesomeness *insert bemused-faced emoji here* of Big Data.  Not sure what it is?  Think of something REALLY boring instead.  Multiple it by 10.  You’ve got it!

Luckily, a good copywriter will absolutely LOVE the challenge of writing all about your borin …er… FASCINATING topics.  Nothing is too hard, too technical or too mundane.  Every opportunity to write is another opportunity to perfect our craft.

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