Blogging because I (don’t) have time

I blog whenever I get time – and that’s not often.  And it’s not really now.

It’s a bit of a habit to pretty much never turn down work, but as my tally of regular clients increases, it’s sometimes hard to schedule lunch let alone a reflective piece about the day’s achievements.

So what did I churn out or complete today?

  1. Two pieces for a new client – an investing app targeted for Millennials.  The first was about how young people can give back to their community this Christmas, and the second was an appeal to these Millennials to capitalise on their most valuable asset: time.
  2. I completed a 3-day job for another new client – a well-known comparison website.  This 1000 word page was all about what the bustling Aussie market of hatchback cars looks like.
  3. I then made plans for the next 6 days (including the weekend).  I have 5 blogs and 1 landing page to complete for regular clients, as well as my 2 weekly news items for an Australian cruise company.

Worried you’re going to jam up my diary if you get in touch and place an order?  Don’t be.  I’ll slot you in somewhere.





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