Closing down for Christmas

Phew … what a year it’s been!

Many of you may not know this, but while I have been hard at work every day this year establishing as a destination for perfect copywriting and proofreading, I have also been keeping my other entity – a now almost 18-year-old online sports news service – in daily operation.

People who know me understand that while I like to play hard on my bike and on the running trails every single day, I also hardly ever take a day off from work – for any reason.

This year, I’m having a few days off.  I’m locking the door on my office today, and I don’t imagine that I’ll unlock it again until the New Year.

Still, don’t hesitate to get in touch to check if I’m ready to pop my head back over the parapet.

To all of my clients and friends, have a peaceful Christmas, a happy New Year, and a truly prosperous 2018!

See you soon!



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