New website!

I’m proud to launch this cool new website for, as we come up on the two-year birthday of the service.  Pretty much every day since the end of 2015, I’ve been flat out helping students, individuals and businesses with all their proofreading, editing and copywriting needs – and long may it continue!  It’s extremely enjoyable and rewarding to meet and work with literally hundreds of people, managers and entrepreneurs and deliver the sort of document-perfecting service they expect, using my nearly two decades of professional experience to turn words into magic.


Once again, it’s been ages since I posted an update – purely because of how busy we’ve been.  The vast bulk of the work has been copywriting on an enormous range of topics and for just about every industry sector you can think of, but we’ve also started working as the in-house content writer for a Sydney company.  Somehow, we’re still accepting proofreading & editing jobs, and the latest order is to tidy up some pages on the beta version of an Adelaide start-up’s new website.

In short … phew!  To make even busier, get in touch today.

500 copywriting articles

So I haven’t written a post on here for a while.  Why’s that?  I’ve been a little busy.

In mid May, I dived (dove for US readers, dived for UK English) headlong into the deep end of copywriting.  It’s the art of writing almost literally anything to order.  We’re talking anything from SEO posts for a zillion different kinds of websites, first-person blogs for Olympic athletes, articles and press releases for small to huge companies – and anything and everything in between.

I was tallying up the numbers the other night and realised I’ve just sailed through the 500 mark.  Since May 18.  Now, I’m not great at maths, but 508 articles in 164 days is an average of just over 3 articles every single day – that’s 7 days of the week, by the way.

So if you need something written on any topic, you need a skilled and experienced copywriter – hint, hint… / 0439 475 116


Busy day

There were plenty of jobs over the desk today, of all shapes and sizes. Copywriting for an Aussie plumber’s website blog, a job application for a retail professional keen to push into management (with red edits, please), and proofreading a 4,000-word academic essay about the Japanese economy. Time for a late coffee 😴


Did you know that Document also delivers fast, affordable and effective copywriting?

Copywriting is the skilled art of turning basic concepts and ideas into compelling content, for a huge range of industries and purposes.

We have now worked with literally HUNDREDS of local, Australian businesses, across the retail, real estate, entrepreneurial, accounting, building and construction, hospitality, motoring, publishing, sports, arts, software, manufacturing, finance and commercial (and many more!) sectors, crafting compelling content to spread the word and turn awareness into money.

From product descriptions to news articles and blog posts, and literally anything else you can think of, give us a call at to find out how we can help with your copywriting.

Press releases can build you a beautiful and professional press release from the ground up, just like one we produced this week for a fascinating global art project in New Zealand.  Just drop us a line, nudge us in the right direction, and for an easy two-digit spend you can start getting your message out to the world’s media within 24 hours.

0439 475 116 or for more information.

Naughty words

OOOoooh-ahhhh, there are even some swear words in’s most recent proofread/edit job, after a local university student turned a Shakespeare play into a modern narrative for a young, contemporary audience.  2500+ words, in two separate parts of the assignment, were totally checked and perfected in well under 24 hours, giving the student a full hour to spend before deadline to calmly re-read her work over an unrushed coffee.

If you have or need a document to be perfected at a great price at the very last minute, for personal, academic or business applications, do consider Adelaide-based

FAST business documents

Run a business and need a document to look as beautiful as it reads?  We know that running a business relies on suppliers working not only professionally but also FAST, so based on nothing more than a 10 minute phone call, an Australian company was delighted with a document produced in less than 24 hours that will now be emailed to potential clients.

Brain drain

Remember a month ago when I was happily proofreading polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria as well as cytokines, chemokines and cytoxic? Well, for a change (a holiday, almost), this week I have been getting my head around monocytes, neutrophils and macrophages.  #Jealous?  #LivingTheDream

Interesting job

The last job over the desk this week was highly interesting, due to the complexity of the material being proofread and improved.  It was the opening section of a major and highly detailed work on type 1 diabetes, requiring the proofreader to actually check the cited references on several occasions in order to ensure the wording was correctly reflecting the intended meaning.  For example, the differences between polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria as well as cytokines, chemokines and cytoxic and gaining an understanding of non-HLA loci genes that code for – among other things – protein tyrosine phosphates non-receptor type 22 (PTPN22).  And that was just the intro.

Really looking forward to chapter 2.   neutral-face-emoji