The daily holiday of copywriting

I just love copywriting, and I’m in the privileged position of now having lots and lots of regular clients who get me to do most of their stuff whenever they need.

My first job today was a piece explaining the benefits of beautiful teak for luxury outdoor furniture.  Did you know a lot of teak furniture is actually made out of sustainable, reclaimed wood that was once a grand ship?

Dutch exploring ships were made of teak.

Job # 2 was for an investment delegation company, explaining the pros and cons of the various options for investing your hard-earned cash.

And my final job was for a regular client that gets me to update their online content when necessary.  Today’s task was a re-write of the description for a beautiful 1 bedroom luxury villa in Seminyak, Bali – just like this one.

It’s not hard to gush about Balinese luxury.

Do you need me to write your copy for absolutely anything?  Get in touch today.

A couple of interesting jobs

Yesterday was so busy a day in the office that I’m only just getting around to writing about it.

Most of the time, a typical day of copywriting, proofreading and editing looks much like any other.  Briefs and documents come in, magic is worked upon them, clients say “cheers” and we move on.

But yesterday was a little different.  Most days, I learn something.  But yesterday I learned more about camel milk than I thought imaginable as I proofread a scientific journal report based on meticulous scientific research.  I’ve had similar jobs over the desk before, but some are just particularly memorable thanks to a cool combination of a genuinely interesting topic, a document format that challenges me, and insight into someone else’s specialty and passion.

The second job was also an urgent proofread – this one about teaching methods for kids from diverse backgrounds.  In total, 7000 words were proofread in just a few hours.

Got something you need an experienced writer to check is definitely ready for submission?  It’s been my business for 17 years and I can get it done within hours and for as little as $50.  Get in touch.

Last-minute Saturday proofread? Can do!

Put another coffee on.  We’re not done yet.

As someone who has either been studying or been self-employed for the last 20 years, I understand that sometimes you just need someone to help you out RIGHT NOW.  No ifs, no buts and no begging.

That’s why I didn’t hesitate at 4pm on Saturday when an Adelaide University student asked if I could proofread his 4000 word essay before a midnight deadline.  I said “no probs” – and didn’t charge a cent more just because it was an urgent job on a weekend when, let’s face it, I would rather have walked out of the office on time.

But, often in life, that’s just not the way things work out.  And I really get that. 475 116 ANY time.

Edits in red – as per usual.


New website!

I’m proud to launch this cool new website for, as we come up on the two-year birthday of the service.  Pretty much every day since the end of 2015, I’ve been flat out helping students, individuals and businesses with all their proofreading, editing and copywriting needs – and long may it continue!  It’s extremely enjoyable and rewarding to meet and work with literally hundreds of people, managers and entrepreneurs and deliver the sort of document-perfecting service they expect, using my nearly two decades of professional experience to turn words into magic.


Once again, it’s been ages since I posted an update – purely because of how busy we’ve been.  The vast bulk of the work has been copywriting on an enormous range of topics and for just about every industry sector you can think of, but we’ve also started working as the in-house content writer for a Sydney company.  Somehow, we’re still accepting proofreading & editing jobs, and the latest order is to tidy up some pages on the beta version of an Adelaide start-up’s new website.

In short … phew!  To make even busier, get in touch today.

500 copywriting articles

So I haven’t written a post on here for a while.  Why’s that?  I’ve been a little busy.

In mid May, I dived (dove for US readers, dived for UK English) headlong into the deep end of copywriting.  It’s the art of writing almost literally anything to order.  We’re talking anything from SEO posts for a zillion different kinds of websites, first-person blogs for Olympic athletes, articles and press releases for small to huge companies – and anything and everything in between.

I was tallying up the numbers the other night and realised I’ve just sailed through the 500 mark.  Since May 18.  Now, I’m not great at maths, but 508 articles in 164 days is an average of just over 3 articles every single day – that’s 7 days of the week, by the way.

So if you need something written on any topic, you need a skilled and experienced copywriter – hint, hint… / 0439 475 116


Busy day

There were plenty of jobs over the desk today, of all shapes and sizes. Copywriting for an Aussie plumber’s website blog, a job application for a retail professional keen to push into management (with red edits, please), and proofreading a 4,000-word academic essay about the Japanese economy. Time for a late coffee 😴