Got a document that needs to be perfectly checked, edited and presented before submitting or publishing it?

Andrew has been a professional editor working at the front-line in a niche news and publishing industry for 17 years, and has a deep understanding of the often complex and confusing conventions of the English language.

Andrew’s fast and affordable service is perfect for:

Academic proofreading

This service is perfect for the school or tertiary student who needs an ethical proofreader to review their work to eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies so that it’s ready to be assessed for the highest possible grade.


  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Theses/dissertations
  • Articles
  • Papers
  • And more.

Business proofreading

Whether it’s a book chapter, a website page, a press release, an advert or something in between, businesses of every industry engage Andrew’s mind and eagle eye for document perfection as the last step before going to press or pressing the ‘publish’ button.


If proofreading is running a fine-tooth comb over your document, then editing is the next level.  Andrew’s editing service will improve the language, expression and quality of your content with positive changes, perfect word choices and enhanced sentence and paragraph structure.

Every document that passes over Andrew’s desk will be returned with every spelling, grammar and punctuation mistake eliminated, and edits tracked if requested.

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